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britpanelslash's Journal

A slash comm for British panel shows
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Welcome to Brit Panel Slash!
If male/male pairings aren't your thing, then don't look at this comm! It's as simple as that!
I've included Top Gear and Whose Line is it Anyway in the interests, but only as 'related' shows - they are not strictly panel shows, and there are seperate communities for slash within those shows. You are free to include them in your work, but anything that is purely Top Gear or Whose Line will be asked to be moved to a different community.



When posting fanfiction, be sure to include the following information:

Title: Title of the fic
Chapter: ?/? or Oneshot
Fandom: The panel show(s) you have included
Pairing(s): The pairing(s)/characters you have included
Genre: Slash (plus anything else it might be)
Warning or Rating: If you don't use a rating system, just warn people of what is included in the chapter that could be offensive (sex, language, violence etc)
Disclaimer: Very important!!!
Author's note or Summary: A brief description of the fic, plus any extra notes you want to give


If there are more than 3, please put them under a cut.
Make sure you include your icon rules (commenting, credit, altering etc).
Warn dial-up users if there are more than 30.


Please make sure that all entries have the approprioate tags.